7 Fiber Cement Window Trim Design Ideas

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Looking for the best way to trim a window with fiber cement board? This article features seven unique styles that experiment with color, texture, thickness, and design to create awesome residential exteriors.

Whether you’re building a rustic cabin, a modern urban oasis, or leaning towards more contemporary curb appeal for your home, using fiber cement window trim is a smart way to get a durable design that will last – with little maintenance at that!

Take a look at seven homes that use fiber cement window siding and trim to create dynamic character and exceptional curb appeal:

1. Earthy Colors and Two-Toned Trim


This home uses the natural surroundings to inspire its aesthetic – an excellent approach for creating character that’s unique to the home and its owners. White shake adds incredible texture to this home, while stone columns and dark-colored roofing reflect a relaxed, rustic look. Notice the fiber cement window head trim detail, which combines two earthy colors – autumn red and natural brown. This two-toned trim adds extra depth to the exterior design, while the window grid detailing creates even more visual texture reminiscent of the surrounding landscape.

2. Gray-Blue-Brown Palette


Gray, pacific blue, and brown make up a gorgeous color palette for this mid-century modern home. Notice how the horizontal lines are emphasized throughout the architecture and exterior. Dark brown trim extends across the surface a few feet below the eaves, marking a division between the pacific blue lap and the smooth architectural panels above. The horizontal siding trim mirrors the sectioned split found near the foundation, where gray flagstone creates a beautiful facade below the blue fiber cement lap.

3. Matching Colorway for Porch and Trim


Color consistency can play a big role in crafting the perfect exterior. Here, dark gray unifies the fiber cement window trim, porch banisters, and fascia on this multi-level home, resulting in a beautiful visual effect. Some trim materials, like painted wood and vinyl, can fade and lose their original color with prolonged sun exposure. Using the same durable material, like fiber cement, throughout the exterior is a great way to ensure that the color remains consistent over the years.

4. Green and Brown Exterior


A dark color palette creates unique character for this home, which features stunning green shake siding and brown exterior window trim crafted from fiber cement. Because the exterior is fairly dark, the white windows and flagstone columns add a visual lightness that contrasts well with the dark green and brown exterior.

5. White and Black Trim


Every building needs balance – this home achieves it with a classic color combo of black and white trim paired with a strong, familiar color: autumn red. The windows are tinted darkly, so this timeless color combo gets an extra boost. White trim adds a crisp contrast that effectively outlines the home, while autumn red fiber cement siding creates a classic look that feels refreshed and modern.

6. Cream on Cream


Sticking within a single color family can give designers ample opportunity to create a contemporary approach to trim and siding. This home features an off-white cream color on the window trim to add extremely subtle contrast with the off-white fiber cement shake siding. The foundational stone facade deepens the color theme by adding beautiful stonework in neutral hues.

Neutral siding and trim is beautiful, but it can be a pain to maintain when building with wood and vinyl. Switching to a more durable material that requires less maintenance can save time, money, and energy in the long run.

7. Bold Shutters


If you’re looking for a simple upgrade to add intrigue to an otherwise plain building style, it may be time to consider window shutters. Decorative shutters provide an easy and simple way to embellish the exterior of any structure, and they express a classic residential style. Rather than introducing a third color into the design, this home uses the same navy blue tone for the exterior window trim, shutters, entryway porch, and attached garage to create total design harmony with a contemporary feel.

Fiber Cement Window Trim – It’s Beautiful and Practical!

Though you can find decorative window trim in a wide range of materials, the best way to trim a window is with fiber cement board. Why? Because it provides heavy-duty durability without skimping on style.

Allura fiber cement trim and siding can beautify any home with realistic wood grain patterns, smooth panels, and other decorative styles. Plus, it comes in 25 color choices with a factory finish designed to help the materials maintain their original tone. There are plenty of reversible trim sizes, and Allura fiber cement trim is quite easy to work with – even when replacing the window trim on older homes.

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