Midnight Blue & Dark Blue House Siding Colors

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Dark blue house siding has the potential to create a striking curb appeal that feels fresh and welcoming. Because of the various blue tones available, a lot of the finished look will depend on the coordinating trim and textures found throughout the exterior. In fact, accent colors and additional features can dramatically influence the character of blue siding.

Whether you’re interested in midnight blue house siding or something lighter that falls closer to blue-gray, there are lots of things to think about with blue siding. Having an idea of all the possibilities out there can jumpstart creativity and help homeowners find their ideal design.

Blue Siding Appears Differently Depending on Trim

There are many different tones available for blue siding. In addition to choosing the right shade of blue, it’s important to remember that blue siding can present differently based on the surrounding colors and textures. Certain shades of gray, cream, or brown trim can bring out various tones in blue siding, making it appear darker, redder, or more muted. The same goes for other exterior features, like roofing, foundation, stone features, and brick accent walls.

It’s important to keep trim colors and textures in mind as you work on designs for dark blue house siding. Not sure where to start? Take a look at a few of these examples for inspiration:

Classic Blue and White Exterior


Blue and white is a classic color combination for exteriors, and it works particularly well for traditional styles. Beyond window trim, notice how the soffit, porch banisters, railing, stairs, and shutters all feature the same shade of crisp white for a clean look.

Horizontal blue lap has been used throughout the main level and sides while decorative shingles in the same color add character to the front of the home. This extra visual texture plays perfectly with the rest of the exterior features found in the front of the home, balancing out the relatively simple layout on the side.

Midnight Blue House Siding with White and Black Trim


Heavily saturated shades of blue — referred to as midnight blue — are often associated with strength and safety, desirable qualities for a home. Though beautiful, midnight blue siding can cause some architectural elements to get lost in the intensity of this deep color.

Emphasizing the windows, doors, awnings, and other areas with bright white can help lift midnight blue siding to create a more balanced design overall. Black details help form a bridge between crisp white and midnight blue siding so that the contrast isn’t overwhelming.

Gray and Light-Colored Brick with Dark Blue Siding


Mix and match various elements to generate exceptional character. Notice how dark blue siding is used as a base for this home, while light gray board and batten siding adds a unique vertical dimension in front. The light-colored brick facade frames the entryway, to create a welcoming appearance that feels fresh and relaxed all at once.

Highly Textured Dark Blue Siding


Shake offers incredible texture and dimension by casting intricate shadow lines across the exterior. While the visual energy of blue shake siding is charming, this textured appearance can benefit from a crisp solid color to help outline the architectural components of the home. Here, white trim adds the definition needed to help the shake siding pull off a clean, organized appearance.

Vertical Blue House Siding


Vertical siding can dress up an otherwise plain exterior appearance, while also causing the structure to appear slightly taller than it is. For ranch homes and other single-level dwellings, vertical blue siding can bring a polished look, especially when paired with simple white trim. Notice how gray has been used as a complementary color for this home with vertical blue siding, both on the roofing and the front door. This blue, white, and gray palette creates a feeling of serenity and calm — an excellent ambiance for any home.

Blue Siding with Green Undertones and Bold Red Accents


Bold colors often afford more possibilities and opportunities to play with tone, which can be seen in this home. The dark blue siding has a slightly greenish-teal undertone, which plays well with the bright red trim used around the windows and edges. When two bold colors are used, it’s best to include a neutral tone as an additional accent somewhere in the exterior, as the brown shutters have added here.

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There are lots of different looks that can be achieved with dark blue house siding. Explore the different tones available and consider complementary colors to help create an impactful exterior design. Contact Allura today to discover dark blue house siding in a variety of styles.

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