12 Exterior House Color Schemes With Sage Green Siding

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Though it was originally reserved for trim or interior palettes, sage green siding has begun to take center stage in recent years. As homeowners continue to look for new and fresh exterior styles, sage green house siding remained one of the few colors that hadn’t yet been explored to its full potential. Now, designers have found numerous ways to work with sage green siding to achieve a wide variety of captivating looks.

The key to working with sage green siding is to find complementary colors in harmonious tones. As with many design projects, the tone of selected colors is critical for finding the right match to decorate window trim, shutters, and other exterior features.

Not sure how to work with sage siding? We’ve rounded up 12 exceptional examples of how sage green siding can bring a home’s exterior to life. Take a look!

1. Colonial Home with Two Styles of Sage Siding

Sage Green Siding: 12 Exterior House Color Schemes

Colonial homes have very measured and symmetrical layouts, with windows evenly placed from corner to corner on every side. Horizontal lap siding and board and batten siding are both natural picks for colonial architecture, because the vertical and horizontal lines match up easily with the window layout.

Sage green siding is a fantastic choice for an exterior that has so much going on, because the light color helps to emphasize the window layout — especially when a strong accent color, like dark red, is chosen for the shutters.

2. Dark Sage Siding for Ranch House

Dark Sage Siding for Ranch House

Dark sage green siding on a ranch house is particularly attractive because the green color plays well off the surrounding landscape, further emphasizing the home’s nestled appearance. Dark colored roofing continues the look, while crisp white trim provides the balance needed to keep this dark palette from slipping too far away from the eye.

3. Multi-Level Sage Green House

Multi-Level Sage Green House

Multi-level homes with ornate exteriors can really play with color. Victorian-style architecture is a particularly good fit for this two-toned approach. When it comes to choosing a complementary color to go with sage green house siding, stick to muted tones. For example, instead of primary red, this house has a dusty shade of red that works better with sage green.

4. Bright Green Sage with Crisp White Trim

Bright Green Sage with Crisp White Trim

Not all sage siding looks the same! As with many colors, there are different depths of sage. This particular tone has dialed up the green component of sage which results in a slightly brighter appearance. Bright, coastal sage green siding can feel closer to primary colors, meaning crisp white trim is always an excellent choice to make the color combo pop.

5. Dark Gray with Sage Siding

Dark Gray with Sage Siding

Gray, black, and sage green are natural partners in modern design, and it’s amazing how putting these dark tones side by side can transform the look of sage green siding. Here, the sage siding almost appears gray due to the muted tones and dark accent colors.

6. Sage Lap with Brown Trim

Sage Lap with Brown Trim

For a classic, understated style, use the same color of brown for both the roofing and window trim. This color consistency helps unify the design and looks great with sage green house siding. White shutters and porch banisters add just enough brightness to keep the welcoming, relaxed feel of the home’s exterior.

7. Cream Trim and Stone Features

Cream Trim and Stone Features

Sage green house siding can work well with a range of architectural styles. Here, horizontal lap is used for familiarity and charm, while bold cream trim emphasizes the unique architecture of the home. Natural stone features add a modern touch that keeps the appearance feeling fresh and current.

8. Sage Siding on the Second Level

Sage Siding on the Second Level

Sage green can also be used as the secondary siding color for multi-level homes. Here, sage lap has been used on the second level only, which adds a wonderful visual effect. Notice how the shutters and garage door match closely in color with the sage green house siding. This consistency helps the entire look remain cohesive.

9. Rustic Cabin Aesthetic

Rustic Cabin Aesthetic

Sage is naturally muted in tone, making it a fantastic fit for cabins. Cedar-style shake and stone columns deepen the rustic appeal of this home and look excellent with the sage green house siding.

10. Sage Shake with Light-Colored Roofing

Sage Shake with Light-Colored Roofing

For darker shades of sage green, a light-colored roof can help brighten the overall impact of the house. This balanced approach to color can help secure the curb appeal and maintain a welcoming ambiance.

11. Heavy Texture with Light Sage Siding

Heavy Texture with Light Sage Siding

Mixing and matching siding styles can generate exceptional texture and a dynamic look. Shake decorates the dormers, while sage green lap is featured on the main levels of the home. Notice how a slightly darker sage color has been used as the trim to unify the palette.

12. Dollhouse-Style Sage with Charming Trim

Dollhouse-Style Sage with Charming Trim

For Victorian-style homes that embrace the whimsical dollhouse style, choosing a sage green siding color that has a hint of blue in it can help establish a brighter tone that pops better against white trim. Cream is an excellent compliment to sage, and it can be used as an accent for dormers and other exterior features.

There are many wonderful exterior styles that can be achieved with sage green house siding. Contact Allura today to explore durable sage siding in a variety of styles.

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