9 Classic Sterling Gray Siding Design Ideas

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Gray tones are wildly popular for both interior and exterior design. Drafting a calm, clean appearance with unique character, sterling gray siding can be used in modern trends and classic architecture alike. Paired with different colors and textures, sterling gray siding can achieve a wide range of looks, making it a versatile choice that homeowners can use to create the home of their dreams.

Get to know the design profile of sterling gray siding a bit more, and it’s easy to see why it is considered one of the most popular exterior colors at the moment. These nine examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unlocking the potential of sterling gray siding.

Sterling Gray Siding Profile

First things first — exactly what color qualifies as sterling gray? Since interest in neutral tones has skyrocketed, there are many shades of gray siding on the market. The appearance of gray siding can change depending on the degree of lightness/darkness as well as color undertones.

Sterling gray siding falls somewhere in the middle range of brightness, meaning it is not anywhere near white or black. Taking its name from silver, this rather strong shade of gray has a very slight blue undertone, which generates extra depth and vibrancy.

In addition, sterling gray siding can be found in a wide range of styles, including horizontal lap, board and batten, shake, and smooth panels. Fiber cement is a wonderful material to showcase the beauty of sterling gray siding, because it can be formed into lots of different styles and has the durability needed to keep the sterling gray siding pristine in appearance.

9 Design Ideas for Sterling Gray Siding

It’s important to remember that the appearance of sterling gray siding can change depending on how it is presented, and the other colors included in the exterior. Here are a few classic design ideas that show the vast potential of sterling gray siding.

1. Modern Gray Tones with Stone Texture

Modern Gray Tones with Stone Texture

This style is popular in the suburbs, since it communicates a fresh interpretation of a classic form. Notice how sterling gray lap has been used on the main level with a darker gray tone bringing emphasis to the second level. In addition, variegated stone in gray and beige tones adds character to the overall look. White trim ties it all together for a fresh and clean appearance that feels homey.

2. Sterling Gray and Beige Exterior

Sterling Gray and Beige Exterior

For a more striking appearance, try pairing sterling gray siding with a light shade of beige to bring contrast to the exterior. Notice how this home matches the garage door and front door with the siding on the second level to create better coordination and carry on the two-tone theme. Again, white trim is used to pull this strong contrast together and make it appear more polished.

3. Light and Bright with White Trim

Light and Bright with White Trim

When paired with light-colored roofing and all-white accent features, sterling gray siding creates a light and bright look. This fresh palette makes the home appear airy and welcoming, while the simple horizontal lap feels traditional and familiar.

4. Shingle Style

Sterling Gray Siding

Shingles add volume and texture to any exterior. When working with a home that already has unique elements, like a pop-out bay window, overhangs, dormers, and other features, sticking with a lighter tone and trim — like sterling gray siding with white trim — can help the structure still feel open and bright.

5. Modern Barndominium Design

Modern Barndominium Design

Barn-style structures don’t have to stay in the past! By adding fresh details, like sterling gray shingles, white trim, and an updated outdoor lounge area, older homes can express instant charm and modern style. Notice how the intricate landscaping plays off the sterling gray exterior to create a cohesive palette.

6. Soft Palette with a Pop of Color

Soft Palette with a Pop of Color

Take away the red shutters and entryway door and this home has a subdued palette that looks soothing and clean. Sterling gray siding with white trim is a classic for getting a pleasant palette, but a pop of red in a few places adds charming energy and life into this home.

7. Board and Batten with Stone

Board and Batten with Stone

Mixing and matching textures is a great way to generate character in a home. Here, sterling gray board and batten has been reserved for the second level, while a contrasting arrangement of stone decks out the first floor. This controlled color contrast looks fresh and fun.

8. Shingle and Lap Siding in Sterling Gray

Shingle and Lap Siding in Sterling Gray

For homes with elaborate architecture, sticking to a clean, simple color palette is key. Sterling gray is trimmed with white throughout this home to maintain consistency, making room for more creativity when it comes to texture. Notice how the second and third levels feature shingle while the first floor has lap.

9. Sterling Gray with Dark Shutters

Sterling Gray with Dark Shutters

Sometimes a simple approach can be mesmerizing. This home features classic lap siding emphasized by dark gray shutters. While quite simple in concept, this color contrast adds more than enough detail, considering the amount of windows on the home.

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