The Best Siding Options for Townhouses

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Replacing siding on a townhouse can present unique challenges that are different from single-dwelling homes. Choosing the right townhouse siding can make all the difference when it comes to having a low-maintenance property that remains attractive while also standing out.

Whether you’re remodeling a townhouse to live in yourself or you plan on using it as a rental property, it’s best to familiarize yourself with modern townhouse siding options that can provide the best bang for your buck and beautify the building.

Townhouse Siding

Let’s explore some of the siding styles that are best suited for townhouses, as well as modern materials that can last longer than traditional options.

Modern Townhouse Siding Styles

Characteristic of terraced housing, townhouses are unique in that they do not stand alone. Generally a multi-floor home, townhouses may share one or two walls with an adjacent property, though the units remain entirely separate with their own entrances. Because of this unique architecture, townhouses have developed their own style trends.

Almost every style can be seen today in one form or another, but smooth architectural panels remain one of the most popular siding styles for townhouses. Other siding styles, including shingles, lap, and board and batten, are also used for townhouses. More textured styles are often used to add distinction to certain features or secondary levels. For example, board and batten siding for townhouses is often combined with another style to draw attention to various architectural elements, like dormers, lookouts, or upper levels. Ornate window trim is another feature that is very common on townhouses.

Modern Townhouse Siding Styles & Colors

Creating Distinction with Color

Since the individual units have no empty space between them, designers often use color to create distinction between townhouses. For example, all the units may feature the same style of siding — like board and batten — but with a different color for each home. Trim becomes fundamental in pulling off a clean, cohesive look that feels independent of surrounding townhouses, which is why crisp white or bold black trim is most common.

Color contrast is an easy way to create visual separation between homes that are terraced together. For this reason, choosing a siding with exceptional color consistency is key. Furthermore, it’s best to go with a long-lasting material that can keep its color rather than something like wood, which is known to fade fast in the sunlight and need additional coats of paint rather frequently.

Cost and Maintenance of Townhouse Siding

Cost and Maintenance of Townhouse Siding

Knowing how much new siding on a townhouse can cost is important for long-term value assessments. Wood and vinyl may seem more affordable upfront, however, they often lack the durability to last as long as other products. When wood and vinyl buckle with water damage, support mold growth, or warp under pressure, repair is essential.

Routine maintenance costs can add up quickly, making more durable alternatives a better choice. Fiber cement and steel are typically considered better options for long-term performance, and they are likely to require much less maintenance as time goes by.

Durable, Low-Maintenance Siding Is Best for Townhouses

Replacing siding on a townhouse can be tricky, too, because not all homes share the same property owner, which means installation must be precise and compact. Furthermore, some townhouses are regulated by HOA laws or operate under neighborhood codes that restrict exteriors to certain color palettes, styles, and materials.

While these regulations can be frustrating — especially when you want to explore a more creative exterior style — they do help the block maintain a cohesive style and appearance, which is beneficial for terraced housing.

Durable, Low-Maintenance Siding Is Best for Townhouses

For all these reasons, it’s best to do your homework and go with a siding style and material that is easy to maintain. After all, the less damage, the fewer repairs you’ll need to make! Because of the importance of color and longevity, staying away from wood siding is generally a good idea. Fiber cement, on the other hand, is a great option that offers long-lasting durability and prolonged color consistency — which can help the townhouse maintain its allure year after year.

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