10 White House and Red Trim Design Ideas

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The white house with red trim design trend is one that’s here to stay. Projecting a fun and energetic style with a classic feel, these red and white beauties offer plenty of inspiration for designing your own white house with red trim – or vice versa, a red house with white trim!

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already narrowing down ideas, it’s a good idea to have a fresh take to decide what style will be best for your home. Plus, choosing modern, durable materials is key to making the curb appeal last!

Take a look at ten examples of white houses with red trim to get a feel for this emerging trend. Then, see why fiber cement siding is the perfect building material to strengthen and beautify any exterior.

1. Accented Dormers and Columns


This classic-looking home has massive charm, thanks to traditional white lap and bold red trim outlining the windows and roof line. Not only does red trim bring big definition to this house, but bold splashes of red make the dormers more prominent and call attention to the rustic columns positioned near the entryway.

2. Forest Hideaway


The best exterior designs are those that take the surrounding landscape into account. Deep in the woods, this bungalow-style home leans into the natural aesthetic. Smooth stones are used to embellish the front porch columns, and a winding path emphasizes the landscape.

Shake is a siding style that is closely associated with a natural aesthetic, so it’s often used for cabins, A-frames, and hideaway homes deep in the forest. The benefit of using fiber cement shake is that homeowners can avoid all the upkeep involved with wood siding while still delivering that rustic outdoorsy appearance. White shake brings a modern feel to this home, while red trim reflects a natural aesthetic that serves as a callback to the pine needles and red earth found nearby.

3. Modern Dutch Colonial Style


Steep roofs and curved eaves are iconic elements of Dutch colonial architecture. This house emphasizes those unique elements with the bold red trim and soffit along the eaves. Carried through to the garage door, window trim, and prominent bay window, this dark-colored red trim looks amazing against the gray roof and stone foundation facade. White shake adds visual texture to help pull it off.

4. Smooth Horizontal Lap


This white house with red trim uses a traditional siding choice – smooth white lap. Emphasized by the red trim, the white siding looks great on this two-story home, while a white picket fence serves as a callback to the siding’s color and linear layout.

5. Vertical Siding


This white house with red trim features strong lines – a key piece of its design character. Thick red trim helps draw attention to the linear architecture and angles, while vertical white siding provides a classic look that’s a natural fit for the facade.

Vertical siding can be difficult to install when using outdated materials and techniques. Rather than wrestle over wood panels, speed up the process by installing fiber cement siding with a vertical design.

6. Classic White House with Red Trim


Smooth white siding, red trim, and a large front porch that frames the entryway – what a classic design! Notice how natural stone is used to add a rustic look to the base of the porch, while dark siding is used above to create contrast while matching effortlessly with the roof.

7. Off-White Shake with Matching Columns


Off-white can also be paired with a russet red color to create a charming exterior palette. This home uses an off-white shake that matches extremely well with the stone bases used for the columns that frame the front porch. Small details like this are what often gives a home irresistible curb appeal.

8. Red House with White Trim


This house has so much color on the exterior that it almost gives the impression of being a red house with white trim rather than a white house trimmed in red! By leaning into the dark red tone and choosing a textured siding style like shake, this home has a refined feel to it.

9. Mid-Century Modern Lines


Long, extended overhangs with a low slope give this gorgeous home a mid-century modern feel. Rather than blend those exceptional features into the exterior, they’re emphasized with a bold red color that looks amazing next to the smooth white lap.

10. Fresh Farmhouse Style


With beautiful symmetry, a steep roof, and an attached garage, this farmhouse makes a bold statement. Crisp white siding, classic red trim, and light-colored brick accents bring a fresh look to its traditional architecture.

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