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The 8 Elements of a Healthy Home

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There is a growing market for healthy homes, as more and more developers are working to expand their definition of…

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What Builders Need To Know About Millennials

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There are significant benefits to understanding what builders need to know about Millennials. Exaggerated stereotypes often dog this youthful demographic…

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The Allura and Boise Cascade Party was a Huge Success!


Thank you for joining us in spicing up the Sunbelt Builders Show!

Cheers to a fine afternoon of steak tasting…

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Looking to the Future: How the Building Industry is Changing

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Sustainability, an increasingly common idea, topic, and demand is plastered on the front covers of science magazines, articled in environmental…

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Allura Recognized by Texas Association of Builders as 2015 Best Website

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HOUSTON, TX- (August 3, 2015) Allura Fiber Cement Products by Plycem, a premier exterior cladding manufacturer based in Houston, was…

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Megatrends - Why They Matter To Builders

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Any megatrend has great force within societal development and can impact the future of a particular industry for the next…

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Join Allura at the 2015 Sunbelt Builders Show

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See Why Allura is the Builder’s Choice in Fiber Cement

We’re excited for the trip to the famous Gaylord…

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How to make the most out of 2015 Sunbelt Builders Show

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>Source: Rieva Lesonsky

Maybe you’re looking for new products to sell, on the hunt for potential partners, looking…

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Demand for Fiber Cement Products is Forecast to Rise

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 Source: Freedonia Report


World demand to rise nearly 5% annually through 2019

Through 2019, world demand for fiber cement…

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The Sustainable Value of Fiber Cement

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Sustainability is based on using less, getting the most use out of what we do use, and using everything at…

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