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Alltogether better.

Plycem Trim looks like wood but thanks to our special fiber cement formulation, it won’t rot, warp or splinter. No wonder it’s been a builder and homeowner favorite for years. Plycem Trim is truly the perfect finishing touch for your project.

5/4 Fiber Cement Trim - Reversible (Woodgrain/Smooth)

Product trim 5 4 fiber cement reversible

Be trim and proper with our 4/4 and 5/4 Allura trim products by Plycem, which are available with ColorMax® Finishing System’s line of 18 solid colors*

5/4" X 4" X 12'

5/4" X 6" X 12'

5/4" X 8" X 12'

5/4" X 10" X 12'

5/4" X 12" X 12'

5/4" X 3" X 12"

5/4" X 5" X 12

Solid Colors

Stain Colors

Ready to Paint

Woodgrain/smooth Texture

4/4 Fiber Cement Trim - Reversible (Woodgrain/Smooth)

Product trim 4 4 fiber cement reversible

The 4/4 and 5/4 Allura trim products by Plycem are available with Allura’s ColorMax® Finishing System’s line of 18 solid colors*

4/4" X 3" X 12'

4/4" X 4" X 12'

4/4" X 6" X 12'

4/4" X 8" X 12'

4/4" X 10" X 12'

4/4" X 12" X 12'

4/4" X 2" X 12'

Solid Colors

Ready to Paint

7/16" Fiber Cement Trim (Woodgrain)

Product trim 7 16 fiber cement

Allura Fiber Cement 7/16” thick trim/fascia board by Plycem provides you with the ideal cedar texture to add finishing touches or to use as a lap siding.

7/16" X 3 1/2" X 12'

7/16" X 5 1/2" X 12'

7/16" X 7 1/4" X 12'

7/16" X 9 1/4" X 12'

7/16" X 11 1/4" X 12'

Ready to Paint

Not available in all areas

At a Glance

  • Sustainable and durable
  • Designed and tested to withstand hurricane-force winds
  • Available in 25 colors or 5 stains and pre-primed and sealed for painting after installation
  • ColorMax® application offers popular colors for your design
  • Low maintenance alternative to wood
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Designed with advanced technology to resist wood-boring insects and rotting
  • Industry leading 50-Year Warranty

We’re all over it.

From obtaining product dimensions for calculating the amount of product needed for a job, to locating specific code numbers to verify compliance with local building codes, we make sure you are always both well-equipped and well-informed.

Allura Fiber Cement Siding is tested in accordance with ASTM1186 in the U.S. and CCMC technical guide requirements as required by the National Building Code of Canada. These testing standards include a stringent review of more than a dozen properties, such as flexural strength, moisture movement, frost resistance, transversal loading and water absorption. Both the product and manufacturing process are subject to ongoing third party inspections to ensure that product quality and performance are maintained.